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plaid layering


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photos by Krassi
Alexander Wang Trompe L'Oeil dress, Balenciaga Derby boots
Ok, I will just go ahead and confess that it is freezing cold in Bulgaria right now and, well, the dress I'm wearing doesn't really provide much coverage. We did a minute long photoshoot in Pancharevo, followed up by the fastest I have ever gotten into a car. Sometimes it gets so weird, even to the point of becoming hysterical, what lengths we are prepared to go into for fashion blogging. Random. 
Anyway, enough rambling. The dress is by Alex Wang, and it probably does qualify as the best net-ish kind of thing worn over a jersey slip knit. I'm not usually a fan of that kind of layering, but here the whole plaid thing just does the trick. Enjoying it a lot with the Derby boots.